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Cost of inspiration

Can I be inspired to stay calm during oppression

To show patience when being tested

To show resilience with wisdom

To never be hesitant to listen

To be the friend of the friendless

To be the bearer of arms for the defenseless

To be the carrier of glad tidings for the righteous

To hold the banner of good for the pious

To forbid evil verse the mightiest

To be the first to withstand that pain

To be the last to hold verse what they wish to gain

To leak thoughts loved and adored

To be cautious and live for so much more

A cause to live equal

A cause for the people

A revolution never approached

A generation in need of hope

Issues that prevail that we feel aren't ours

What will it take to have a cause

To know that the masses can be moved

To show the world our proof

To appreciate that which they wish to shoot

To be the moon in the night

To be the one willing to fight

And so for what will i let it go

A penny or a dollar

A cent or a pound

Why do we bother

When we are promised

Just dreams souled

Woven and told

Now watch dreams unfold

Before there stolen and mold

Take a deep breath

we're all souls with potential to unfold

only caged by the bars we build around ourself

a heart as wild as a beast

with ribs to cage as it waits to be unleashed

a free spirit and every peek can be reached

in essence perfection is a lesson waiting to be preached

like the pretense to something great before it gets leaked

you’re the author to your own script with a million factors to beat,

so hope on, beyond the horizon... are dreams waiting for those willing to believe

for the ambitious and courageous willing to reach

so for the youthful full of truth, go ahead and reach

go and hope on cuz dreams don't die they only grow strong!

So the future of us all

Like the youth that never fall

Good comes to the altruistic

An abyss of wanting awaits the materialistic

perspective is depictive

dreams are more realistic

be grateful for you're truly gifted!



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