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A timeline
1990's Overview

The City Heights neighborhood becomes the preferred destination for resettlement due to the existing social organizations in the area serving refugee groups and the affordability of housing. Refugees from Somalia, ethnic Albanians from Kosovo, and Kurds from Iraq resettle in City Heights.

The Immigration Act of 1990 increases the annual acceptance of refugees in the U.S. from 490,000 to 700,000.


Events in San Diego

Events in United States 

Global Events 

Lautenberg Amendment


This amendment is created to help Jewish refugees leave the former Soviet Union, but now applies to all people fleeing religious persecution. 

Somali Civil War

The Somali Civil War begins. An estimated 800,000 Somalis are refugees in neighboring countries, and 2 million are internally displaced.


Ethiopian/Eritrean border conflict


East Africans flee the border wars in Ethiopia and Eritrea and many are resettled in City Heights, San Diego. An estimated 650,000 civilians were displaced.


The Crawford Community Connection

This new arrivals support program helps students and families at Crawford High School to access resources (ex: college scholarships, Prom Dive, etc.)


Casa Cornelia Law Center

The Center is established to provide legal services to the immigrant community along the Mexican-American border.

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