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A timeline
1970's Overview

San Diego refugee resettlement organizations begin to grow in number due to the proximity of Camp Pendleton, the first destination for many refugees from Southeast Asia following the American war in Vietnam. (Jesse Mills, 2008)


Events in San Diego

Events in United States 

Global Events 

Social Advocates for Youth

This nonprofit organization works collaboratively with existing structures and systems to address youth, adult, and family wellness, child and youth development, and community engagement. 


Camp Pendleton

By November, Camp Pendleton has temporarily housed about 50,400 Vietnamese refugees after the Vietnam war.


International Rescue Committee (IRC)



Ethiopian Civil War

The Ethiopian civil war begins in what is modern day Ethiopia and Eritrea. 


Casa Familiar

Originally established in 1968 under the name Trabajadores de la Raza,  this community-based organization expands its efforts from solely serving Spanish-speaking clients in San Ysidro to providing services and programs to all South San Diego County residents. They offer legal and non-legal services for new arrivals.

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