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Journey to a better life

I grew up mesmerized by the vivid narrative of my family’s journey across the US Border. Their visual narratives have inspired me into creating a pic collage. Using carefully selected images from online sources that represented their stories, I created an artwork that symbolizes it. To begin, although there is an image of the border itself, I framed my collage using a border that can be portrayed as barbed wires- wires that are seen on the top of borders to prevent migrants from crossing over. I selected a photograph of a child carrying a backpack, and this depicted my father’s journey. My father only carried essentials-a photograph of my grandfather, a rosary, a water bottle, and a spare set of clothes. It is important to note that migrants only carried essentials due to their long journey- one that consisted of walking through rivers and sleeping in tunnels. The image on top portrays a family that resembles my aunts, aged 17 and 19, who traveled alongside my father and my grandmother who was pregnant at the time. The river itself is of huge significance as it is supposed to portray Rio Grande, a river that they had to go through. From my grandmother's stories, this river was one that nearly killed her, and it is known for being deadly. The fourth photograph portrays a mother passing her child over the border. This photograph resembles resilience and bravery, an essential needed for migrants seeking a better life. Finally, the large image resembles the reunion between my mother and grandmother after being separated for eight years-many go longer without seeing their families. Although the visual narrative I have created through the collage cannot truly capture their experience, this collage can rather serve as an attempt to depict a fraction of a migrant's journey to San Diego and anywhere else.



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