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A World Without Borders

Build bridges, not borders.

This artwork was inspired by the Tijuana border. As someone who has parents who came to the United States from Mexico in search of a better life, the border has always represented something negative for me. The border has served as a reminder that it’s meant to keep people out, which is referenced by the phrase “Keep them out!” People who “do not belong” in the United States, which often refers to migrants, refugees, or asylum seekers. The green vines growing and wrapping around the border are meant to symbolize growth and hope for a better future, where the border does not exist. It’s also meant to represent the deterioration of the border. The phrase, “Title 42” refers to a health order enacted under the Trump administration used during the COVID-19 pandemic to stop asylum seekers and migrants from coming into the United States. Essentially, it worked to keep people from seeking asylum due to “health concerns” and fear of contamination.

Meanwhile, the words “PEACE” and “HOPE” demonstrate a more optimistic outlook of what I think it means to have a world without borders. The phrase “Create & Uplift” means that while it’s important to dismantle borders, as well as oppressive systems and structures, it’s also important to create. Even though we ourselves aren’t experiencing struggles others are facing, it’s important to support and help them.

My artistic process focused on taking a duology approach. The left side of the poster would focus on the negative, while the right side would focus on the positive. The border also represents the obstacle that’s getting in the way of achieving “PEACE” and “HOPE.” In contrast to the dark colors used to represent the negative words, I chose to use happier and lighter colors to write the positive phrases.



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