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A timeline

The advent of World War Two brings heightened awareness to global interconnectedness and the challenges faced by forcibly displaced people.

1940's Overview


Events in San Diego

Events in United States 

Global Events 

Jewish Family Services

Establishes its location in San Diego. In postwar efforts, they expand and shift their focus to family strengthening and counseling. In the 1980’s, it partners with Hebrew International Aid Society to aid refugees in resettlement in San Diego. 



Burma Conflict

The world’s longest running civil war, still ongoing in 2020, begins over the ethnic conflicts in Burma (Myanmar). 

Arab-Israeli War

The Israeli Declaration of Independence is issued on May 14, 1948, marking the beginning of the Palestinian-Israeli war and ongoing conflict over the disputed land. 



Grossmont Adult Education (GAE)

This program services refugees through English language programs to help those with foreign degrees overcome cultural struggles.


Lutheran Community Services Northwest


Founded in 1921. Expands its mission during the Great Depression and begins working in refugee resettlement in the 1940’s, helping individuals and families fleeing war-torn Europe find hope and new opportunities in Northwest communities.


Creation of UNRWA

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East is created to support in relief and human development of Palestinian refugees. The UNRWA definition of “refugee” covers Palestinians who are fleeing or being expelled from their homes during the 1948 Palestine War.

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