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Vision of Migrants Detained

A drawing depicting the struggles migrants face when seeking asylum. Along with a re-imagination of the changes that would facilitate migrants to seek asylum.

This work is inspired by what is currently going on in Jacumba Hot Springs where migrants who are seeking asylum are facing harsh weather conditions and living in poor unsanitary conditions out in tents. There are more than 13,000 people waiting to request their asylum. The ones who get tents are because they got lucky as they were discarded after Susan G. Komen’s 3-Day walk. The first drawing is a map covering many desert areas. The dangerous animals and plants in the first drawing are symbolic of risky things migrants face before getting to the United States even after. The second drawing is symbolic of migrant’s current situation in Jacumba, where they are living in tents, in very extreme freezing weather conditions, and they go days without food.

I was inspired to re-imagine what I would like to see as positive changes for asylum seekers by Border Patrol. I imagined the Border Patrol welcoming any asylum who steps foot in United States soils because we are all humans, and all deserve equal rights. Providing them with shelter and no tents out in the cold. Providing them with adequate food. Making migrants feel welcoming. Providing migrants with the dignity they deserve and the support they need to be independent and safe in their own situations. Imagine a welcoming area in the deserts where migrants pass, and they see support. These signs are symbolic because they signify how I imagine these changes made by Border Patrol. As I put it there “This would be a miracle” and “A dream come true.”

This artwork was created in three parts. The first one is a drawing that shows the San Ysidro border and desert areas. Using a rule and pencil to first draw out the map, animals, and plants. After going back with colored pencils, markers, and sharpies for outlining or emphasizing important points and to have this vivid moment. I did the same when drawing “we are now in Jacumba” as well as for the welcoming signs I would like to see by border patrol. You may have noticed that the last drawing has only red colors and this is to emphasize the suggestion for positive immediate change, progress, and growth for migrants.



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